The status bar will turn blue after you are close to reaching an upgrade and you will be clued-up how much time you have absent to earn four chests in 24 hours. You can also receive competition tickets, cash or even packages en route for PokerStars Live events.

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A long time ago you have filled out the category bar and reached the required quantity of points will you get a chest. If you earn four chests within one day you will be upgraded to a bigger chest. Along with Stars RewardsPokerStars clearly intends to bonus the recreational player at the amount of the rakeback pro. We abuse cookies and other tracking technologies en route for improve your browsing experience on our website. Mobile Cashier. The requirements are different from player to player after that are based on how much you have played before, what stakes you are playing and how much you have deposited. When you have a boost you will double the appraise you get Reward Points. First of all, you need to sign ahead to Stars Rewards as you are not automatically a member.

What's in the Chests?

The other colors are blue, bronze, grey, gold and platinum, which is the biggest chest. We will elaborate arrange the contents of the chests afterwards. When you have joined and chronicle in for the first time you will notice a new look designed for the status bar in the software. How to Play. Or, for case, it may show as 2 after you have actually earned 2. Your name. Your comment is waiting designed for approval. Additionally, net depositors will be subject to increasing benefits while winning players, who are not donating much to the poker ecosystem, will see their benefits decrease.

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Acquaintance support. The other colors are azure, bronze, silver, gold and platinum, which is the biggest chest. How en route for Play. The previous loyalty scheme was very beneficial for the most active players who would earn a above what be usual rakeback also known as cash ago. If you're looking to try Stars Rewards and don't have an balance you can get an extra additional benefit by signing up through our PokerStars review page. The status bar bidding turn blue when you are accurate to reaching an upgrade and you will be informed how much age you have left to earn four chests in 24 hours. Additionally, achieve depositors will experience increasing benefits although winning players, who are not donating much to the poker ecosystem, bidding see their benefits decrease. By browsing our website, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

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How to Get Started with Stars Rewards

Choose note that the table does not include additional top prizes which PokerStars offer on a regular basis. Choose note the following expiry dates designed for Stars Rewards if you are not playing very often on PokerStars:. This means that your progress may act as 0when in fact you allow already played qualifying games, but allow not yet earned a full advantage. Privacy Policy I accept.

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