The Siva Acharya disciple ask his authority about what to do next whom responds back by asking about the arrival of the Minister to which the disciple mentions that the Attend is on his way back.

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She puts the leftover rice and sambar for the dogs to eat after that she left the house together along with her husband who will drop her not before witnessing a pigeon maybe Sugumadhapura eating the food and afterwards the pigeon flies to their administration. On the same day Ramesh Darshini's sister's husband who wants to get hitched Darshini under the evil influence of "Jinda the Evil Doll" invites Darshini's family into his new bungalow after that he was successful in persuading them to stay in the bungalow. He says that he had a descendant of her age. Mohan received a call from Shwetha whom he met at Palangi Malai and invited her to his house. The next calendar day, Aravind's boss congratulated Aravind for accomplishment such a great deal and had a small celebration during which Aravind requested his boss for a advantage to appoint a personal assistant en route for help him with this new assignment and his boss agreed and absolute to hire a responsible new member of staff just for Aravind. She also gains interest on Aravind whom she loved but was not able to get hitched years ago. Mandakini's second son arrives back home after partying hard all the rage club she tells him about his younger sister and scolded him designed for not being caring about his accept sister's safety.

Rana Maayan who overheard this orders Bhadra to go in search of the pigeon Sugumadhapura. The old tea booth owner tells Aravind that if he decides to stay in that anxious palace then he would forever be stuck in the palace not adept to get out of it after that so he once again advises Aravind to drink the cup of banquet and return to the place so as to he have come from. She plans to force him to consummate the marriage that very night as the episode ends. Before she took the photo she called Darshini's brother, Mohan and told him to come as soon as at the park as it's actual urgent. But it turns out it is not them. The story begins with an eagle flying into a palace and leaving a message in black and white on an "Olai" which is after that discovered by Bhadra Manobala who reads and correctly interprets the message so as to states the return of his authority known as Rana Maayan who is coming tonight to the palace afterwards about years of being in consideration. Suddenly there was a knock by his door and he discovered so as to it was Challappa who brought the Vesti and Malai Marriage Costume after that a garland of flowers and additionally told him that Mandakini was the one who told him to allocate this to Aravind in the hopes that he would give a animation for her daughter Yaksha.


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